Thursday, 6 March 2008

Some March Musings

Would You Waive Good-bye? Could You?

Let's pretend you are Kevin Lowe for just a second.

1. If one of the better goaltenders, of one of the contenders, goes down to injury before the end of the season do you put Roloson on waivers to see if the 'contender' bites and picks him up?

2. If he has successfully passed through waivers do you then bring him back up and hope that the 'contender' has a change of heart?

3. Would this have to be something that you have okayed with Roloson from the get go?

4. Can you even do this at this point in the season?

Yes. Yes. Yes. I don't know.

Four More

Too often, when I read postings made about the Lowe contract extension, the move is characterized as a knee-jerk reaction on the part of the EIG to counter real or perceived signs of weakness in the organization given the state of the team. The premise being that, if one were to imagine what an EIG spokesperson might say:

"Of course management has a plan that we know of and support. In fact the plan is so good, and has been executed so well that we believe no one else could have done what he has done as well as he has done it."

As much as I agree with many aspects of that characterization I believe it shortchanges Lowe. Fact is that Lowe is a smart guy. My belief is that he saw an opportunity once Katz made his offer, factored in the leverage that he had and once the subject was broached he took full part and parcel of what he could extract from the negotiations.

None of that is a bad thing. He is due his due. I just get tired of people not giving credit where credit is... due (yeesh, time to get a thesaurus). Lowe got a four year extension for playing the role of good soldier and doing as he was told. When it came time to line up for the paymaster he knew where he stood and acted accordingly.

And good for him.


Have a great evening everyone.


Mr DeBakey said...

do you put Roloson on waivers to see if the 'contender' bites

I phone the Contender's GM & say
"I'll put Roloson on waivers, if on June 15 you trade me a 2nd Rounder for Geoff Paukovich"

YKOil said...

Agreed. 100%.

I have always been a fan of the upgrade picks myself. Like... say... the other teams 1st for a 2nd, Paukovich and Caron?

If re-entry the trade gets more advantageous for Edmonton of course.