Monday, 5 March 2007

Inspired by a Julian inspired by a Smitty

There is a nice little post over at the Covered in Oil (March 5 posting) blog that has some Smyth inspired poetry on display (mostly haiku there is also at least one limerick). All of it fun, some of it is even quite good.

The one that caught my eye, created by a fellow named
Julian, was this one:

Our Smitty has left us
My favorite oil sweater
Stays hidden away

It made me think of a poem I wrote a long time ago that I used to have on my website**. I was pretty melancholy during/after my divorce. Luckily I stayed pretty.

Not very good really, it is about the putting away of things and while I am not done with the immediacy of losing Smitty just yet, I will be.***


Three Nice Suits

I have three nice suits I wear for business occasions,
the odd wedding
and even funerals.
One still fits me quite well
and though the others are a stretch,
I still try to dream.

The formality of the situation aside
I do love you.

I have eight nice shirts of which three are short sleeve
and five are of the longer variety.
There is another,
but it is straighter than most.
luckily it is quite large, once,
we shared.

You bought me most of what I wear so everything I am,
you are there.

I have two nice pairs of pants, I needed them for work
so I bought them
They do the job though;
I sit there.
I also have two pairs of denim jeans.

I don't mention them very often though they are easy
to take for granted.

I have lots of T-shirts. They offer a comfortable wear.
Habitually conforming
to me.
I don't like some of them though,
echoing logo's past
they are not me anymore.

Cartoon characters living chest high, imaginings
no longer mine.

I have lots of socks and underwear. What in the hell did I expect to get
for my birthdays and Christmas' anyway?


Here's hoping that didn't hurt your eyes too much.

** I took my website down because I am getting close to releasing a cd and didn't want any lyrics stolen (paranoid... perhaps.. but some of my lyrics are quite good)
*** Getting over the 'loss of Smitty' is not the same as 'accepting the trade as a sign the Oiler's management is any good' (two very, very different things)


Have a great evening everyone.

1 comment:

Julian said...

Hey, thanks for that. What I wrote was true, except that my oilers sweater remains hanging on the wall rather than in the closet. It didn't quite fit with the five syllable limit. I haven't been able to bring myself to wear it since the trade.

And I fully agree with what you wrote about the Oilogosphere, I feel like I've learned more about hockey in the last year of reading those guys than all my years previous. I just wish I had the mathy brain required to keep up with them.