Saturday, 5 May 2007

Katz and the Oilogosphere

What a difference a day makes.

Katz (pronounced 'Cates' per a fellow named Colby) has made an unofficial offer of $ 145 million on the Oilers. The Oilogosphere, as expected, has started following the story and the most up-to-date stuff is at the Battle of Alberta, Covered in Oil, Lowetide's and Mudcrutch's sites. All links listed to the side of this post.

From where I sit I don't think anything will happen. This team is an ego massage for Nicholl's on the order of the kind you only get from two Thai girls slicked up in body oils rubbing themselves up and down your nekkid body.

As I write this he is probably trying his best to circle the wagons. Given the value of the team AFTER it gets a new arena (and accompanying sweet lease deal from the City) odds are good those wagons will circle up tight.

Even if Katz does win the team it will be interesting to see if he is the type of owner who thinks shorting his team's budget 10% of the Cap is smart thinking...

Other stuff from around the Oilogosphere lately:

Grabia, at
Battle of Alberta, has been writing some phenomenal stuff in opposition to the new arena (or, more correctly:

- in opposition to the way the EIG is securing said arena,
- in opposition to the way the media has assumed the role of 'salesperson' rather than the role of 'journalist', and
- in opposition to the Mayor's maneuverings on all of it)

so scroll down and read it.

Pat McLean brings a tear to me eye and makes me believe in heroes again at his site (
Black Dog Hates Skunks). A must read is: "Dr. Smyth and His Merry Men Save Little Johnny Edmonton - An Allegorical Passion Play".

Vic calls the New Jersey / Ottawa series bang on at
Irreverent Oil Fans - post is titled "Lou and Big Bird: A Contrast in Styles".

Lowetide has added a very nice feature to his site: the
Oilers Salary Estimates calculator.


South Smythian Rolo-Gator has some sweet profiles on players expected to to early at the up-coming NHL draft.


Some great reads out there. Have a great evening everyone.

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