Sunday, 10 June 2007

2006-07 Off-Season UFA's (Goalie and Defensemen Update)

This is my fourth post on the subject of the upcoming 2006/07 UFA (probable) lists. The others are here:

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This post is just an update on the status of the Goalie and Defensemen lists.

The Goalie's

Garon / Aebischer / Weekes / Thibault / Boucher /Esche
Markkanen / Aubin / Sabourin / Dunham / McLennan / Conklin
Hasek / Belfour / Burke / Joseph

Of the guys I liked:

-- Giguere just won the Stanley Cup

-- Backstrom stayed with Minnesota for 2 yrs at $3.10 mill /yr and Smith stayed with Dallas for 2 yrs at $0.95 mill /yr.

That leaves Giguere and Garon as the two decent guys left out of the UFA pool of goalies. Pickings are slim. Look for Giguere to get $6.75 yr with Anaheim (Neidermayer Cap) and for Garon to be the steal of the off-season given he will be so cheap.

The Defensemen

Too many to list again so I will stick with those who have signed since I first posted on it:

-- Markov stayed with Montreal for 4 yrs at $5.75 mill /yr.
-- Wesley stayed with Carolina for 1 yr at $1.40 mill.

All that does is take the biggest name off the list (Markov) and indicate that Carolina will allow Tanabe to go UFA.


Where the Goalie listing has, pretty much, shrunk to its July 1st probable the D-men listing still has a long ways to go. THAT flurry of signings, along with those of the forwards, will probably happen after the draft.


Have a great evening everyone.


Mr DeBakey said...

If the Oilers sign Tarnstrom,
it doesn't seem likely they'd be going after Tanabe.

YKOil said...

Very true - and kind of too bad imo.

I like Tarnstrom (always been a huge supporter of his) but the chance to pick up a guy with the upside Tanabe has, at that age, is pretty sweet.

They can still go after Hannan though! :)