Monday, 21 January 2008

Conventional Wisdom Cracked Wise - Part 01


One that is almost topical, even.

Lord Bob (see: South Smythian Rolo-Gator link on the right) was making me look bad so it was time to post again. Immediately following this post will be a series of BADLY outdated posts - all in limbo for far too long because of house reno's, work stress and writer's block - posted because I will be damned if I am going to waste all of that. Still... sorry gone so long.

Without further ado...

How To Trade The Untradeable...?

I read a lot about how goalies, specifically Roloson, have no trade value in the NHL these days. I disagree with this assessment. I believe that a team merely has to get creative.

Think about Tampa Bay for a second. Tight budget, lots of Cap space, top-heavy team with no depth, no goaltending to speak of and a dead-weight of a deal for a goalie they simply don't want or need right now in Marc Denis.

Enter Dwayne Roloson

Denis & 2nd round pick

Why? Simple.

a) Roloson (sv% .901) is better than Holmqvist (sv% .892);
b) Roloson's Cap hit (Roloson = 3.667 vs. Denis = 2.867) is easy for TBay;
c) Roloson's higher salary only costs ~350k (pro-rated) this year with no increase next*
d) Edmonton, even keeping Denis, gains a Cap savings of ~ 800k;
e) Edmonton gains the ability to buy Denis out (cannot do with Roloson);
f) Edmonton gains a 2nd round draft pick for losing the better player

* Roloson and Denis have the same 2008/09 salary

The needs of both teams are served. Tampa gets a guy who might save their year and he won't cost them much more than they were willing/committed to spending in the first place while Edmonton gets greater Cap flex and a pick.



Have a great evening everyone.


PunjabiOil said...

I've always like Denis. In 2003-2004, he posted a strong .918 SV% in Columbus. He's never been the same since - he's still young, and perhaps needs a change of scenery a la Tommy Salo 1999.

Roloson, for all intents and purposes, is done.

Welcome back by the way. One of my favourite blogs out there.

YKOil said...

Thanks PJO. I've been trying to stay in it, posting on the odd blog here and there with an occassional pop-up at HF, but with that Rookie Camp post hanging over my head I just couldn't hit the publish button.

Oh well.

Btw - your last post - the one re: Kevin Lowe - is bang on. I have to wonder is he living in a bubble or is he surrounded by 'yes' men? Because too many of his decisions just make no sense at all.

Traktor said...

Roli is off the books next year. Doesn't Denis have next year and the year after that on his contract?

Is 800k saved next year worth an extra year of Denis @ 2.8 million?

I would rather tack on Pouliot/Schremp and a pick with Roli and not take on dead weight.

Traktor said...

I just looked. Off the books next year like Roli.

Count me in.