Sunday, 6 January 2008

Oilers - Rookie Camp - Yellowknife 2007 - Part 3

It is like he is looking into my soul. Joey is da bomb.


I cannot say enough good things about the Edmonton Oilers management and the players they brought up here. Great lift for the City of Yellowknife and the honours given Shorty Brown are of a higher order.

For all it is worth, 'Thank You'.

My Favorite Player:

TYLER SPURGEON - Best player on the ice, imo, all three days. Pure joy to watch. Everything you want in a 3rd or 4th line guy. EVERYTHING. I hope he has a career as great and wide as the smile I wore whenever I saw it was him with the puck. Never let me down once.

My Favorite Surprise:

WILLIAM QUIST - Easily the best 'who?' on the Oilers depth chart. If I am a GM with another team Quist is the guy I want as a 'throw-in' if I am trading with the Oilers. If he adds a shot to his game he could really surprise. The first impact Swede for us?

My Favorite... Tie?:

BRYAN YOUNG and SEBASTIEN BISAILLON - Either one of these guys could turn into a real, live d-man who makes a difference in the pro's. Not even close to a sure thing BUT you can see elements of the pro-game in their game and that is what gives them a leg up on most of the guys I saw here.

My Biggest WTF?:

ANDREW COGLIANO and RYAN O'MARRA - Neither really showed me much. Normally that might not bother me EXCEPT that it was clear they had better skills and 'game' than most of the guys they were playing against. Both should have had more dominant moments than they did.

And that is it. All the comments I really want to make. My apologies for how long this took to post. Got busy and got writer's block and got nuthin' written. Simple as that.


To reiterate, this post is the third of three (oddly enough). The other two are found (in counting order) below this one.

Have a great evening everyone.

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