Saturday, 21 February 2009

Miscellanea - February

Garth Snow

Lowetide sends some love Snow's way. I know some may point to the Dipietro contract and say 'what?' but those people would be wrong.

The Rick Dipietro contract remains one of the best contracts in hockey. Topped only by the Zetterberg and Hunter contracts imo.

Dipietro Contract - Part 1

Dipietro Contract - Part 2

Dipietro Contract - Part 3

I cannot blame Snow for Dipietro's Mr. Glass act and if you actually read through those links you will find where I say:

"The real danger is a chronic malady (a la Dunham's groin issues when with Nashville) that leaves DiPietro on the active roster drawing full salary and affecting the Cap."

That said, not sure what I think about in regards to the Campoli trade. The 1st is more than I would have paid to get him and so I have to think Snow did well there.

Funny thing though - if he pairs well with a stay-at-home on the Ottawa roster then Snow will end up looking bad for something over which he had less control than Ottawa did.

Right. I did just talk about the Dipietro contract didn't I?


Oh. About that Zetterberg contract. Absolute genius wasn't it?.

Funny thing though - I recall lots of posts about those sorts of contracts on the message boards back in day. Hell. I posted a few. Most people said that people who were making posts like that were idiots. Contracts just wouldn't work that way.

Two signatures later and Holland is a genius.

Cool. So I wasn't an idiot. For the record, that aspect of this topic, the aspect about being right all along, doesn't upset me at all. Here is what does upset me however - if I can figure it out then how hard can it be to figure it out?

I'm not that smart. Just look at my sentence structure.

Vancouver is in negotiations with the Sedins. Given their historic ability to perform at a high level, and the fact that they never seem to get injured, I am surprised they aren't getting the Zetterberg treatment.

I really am. I am also surprised Pittsburgh never traded Malkin for them.

Finally, on this topic, never underestimate the effect that timing can have on intelligence.

Shero has to sign Crosby and Malkin during a day and age when money was everywhere and money was cheap while Gillis gets to sign the Sedins during a day when everyone is afraid they won't be able to make the mortgage payment.

My guess is everyone will be commenting on just how smart Gillis is **.


Still working on my 'Rebuilds on Steroids' post. Gold Star for the first among you who sees how Snow is working the cba to his advantage. Davidson is St. Louis is doing the same.

It isn't much of an advantage mind. More along the lines of: "this is how you have to do things anyways so what you do with what you have is up to you".

That is your hint right there folks.

You too can be a genius!

F^*k me.



** ftr - I do think Gillis has done very well in lalaland, I have a post titled "Tale of Two Gamblers" in production that shows how smart he has been.


Have a great evening everyone.

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