Friday, 23 January 2009

One Night

Every now and then I still drop by Hockeysfuture. I don't lurk like I used to but then, one doesn't see my call hanging out at Oilfans very much either. I tend not to sign in anymore. Gets a bit noisy out there. Thoughts get addled I think.

Still, early memories are fond and so it is I keep the links (sidebar).

That said, it was interesting to find out that my identity, and even my geographical location, has been reassigned.

That's okay though dsf, I do this more on a 'for me' rather than an 'about me' basis so being only somewhat known/remembered is totally okay. Besides, Rage has my back. I think...


I do have to say that I did kind of mind having to sift through the chaff on this thread. It made me sad to have to wait until post #11 before someone pointed out that Staios' contract was the real problem (yes, I know, it did contradict the premise of the thread), it made me sadder yet when someone listed the incomparable Brad Stuart as a 'good defenseman' and when I read this:

"....Kronwall and Stuart are both better options at present than either of Grebeshkov and Gilbert."

I became so inconsolable I just had to start drinking.

On the bright side, I am happily drinking some 18yr Gibson's now so all I can really say is: Thanks Hockeysfuture!

P.s. this is partly why I wasn't blown away by the Garon trade (though I did think it was okay), my wish was that it had been a bigger trade - one that had brought Letang here. The Oilers are woefully short on effective depth on defense. Strudwick isn't a real answer.


Of course, if one thinks about how the Moreau contract (an overpay against rule of thumb standard, my thumbs admittedly, of some 250k) and the Staios contract (overpay, same thumb, of some 300k) were about character and making up for service rendered and veteran leadership and how loyalty to the team can mean so much...

...and then happens to remember that the Smyth contract didn't close because of a spread of a 100k then... hrmmmm... ahhhh, f*#k me... I think I need more alcohol.

Oh look! More. Good.


Have a great evening everyone.


Fake Craig McTavish said...


It's a long way from Bankok to Yukon but always love to see your stuff.


Fake Craig McTavish said...

Might I add alcohol may have played a role in my grievous geographical faux pas.

YKOil said...

hehe, no worries dsf/fcmt, it is a Friday and the rye is smooooth. Oh, and Yellowknife is in the NWT.

And I generally like what ao says so it isn't like you mixed me up with a complete whack


Fake Craig McTavish said...

Okay...I'm really confused now.


AO is a favourite of mine as well.