Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just In Case You Missed It


DET over CHI (in 7)

PIT over CAR (in 6)

hrmmm... now 5 for 12... owwwwww



Your team is in a bit of a rebuild situation. You have gobs of cash but the cost of what you are considering isn't all 'money-I-am-giving-up-putting-in-my-pocket', some of it will be 'money-I-will-be-taking-out-of-my-pocket'.

Also, what you are considering WILL be scrutinized by the league.

That said, would you, say, trade:

O'Marra, Hrabal, Pitton, 2009 7th rounder and 2010 7th rounder
Pothier, Theodore, 2009 1st rounder and 2010 or 2011 1st rounder*

* (WASH choice at draft time)

That puts a $3 million value on a late-1st round pick IF you never planned to use the players.

I am waiting for these kinds of deals to start to happen. Burke did a mini-version of this at the deadline but what I am talking about is one-step away from the whole enchilada.

Remember - the Zetterberg deals finally started to happen and all it took were a few warm-ups first.

[Edit to add: btw, there is a deliberate flaw in the math so if you find it GOLD STAR FOR YOU!]


Have a great evening everyone.

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