Thursday, 28 May 2009


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If Lidstrom is healthy (and I mean HEALTHY - not hanging on by a thread) then Detroit takes this in 6.

If not, and Gonchar is HEALTHY (same criteria), then Pittsburgh in 7.

If both Lidstrom and Gonchar are just 'healthy' then Detroit in 7.

I take Detroit in 7.

Sitting at 7 for 14 now... unless you figure I was wrong on the game counts in which case I am waaayyyy out of it.

Quinn & Renney

I'll go with cautiously optimistic. I do like that every player should get a new 'look-see' but if Quinn is even more vet-happy than MacT then it will all come down to Renney's work on the special teams.

Which could be the bet all along.

One sour note: dropping Huddy was just plain stupid imo.


Balsillie will win the team. The right to move it... slim. The odds of the NHL pulling the team within a few days of such a ruling... 50/50.

Balsillie lost $600 million once fighting a fight he shouldn't have.

When I look at this I see a guy who could have bought the team for much less than the $212 (say $176?), rejigged the lease, lost $12 or so for three more seasons (just to bring it back to $212 - I'm like that you know) and THEN declared bankruptcy and moved the team.

Because after three years he would have won over enough BoG guys, in a big enough way, to get it done.

I'm sure they have round-ups in the Phoenix area. Balls get cut off at round-ups.


Have a great evening everyone.

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