Sunday, 17 January 2010

2010 Reload or Rebuild - To Be Revisited

I will post more on this on a later date but for the record my decision on whether or not to try for a 1 year reload versus a 3 to 5 year rebuild rests on three unknowns:

1. If Boston wants Penner;

2. If they would give up the Toronto 1st rounder for him and be willing to wait to the last hour of trade deadline day to do it; and

3. Where Toronto is in the standings

My reasoning revolves around the concept of 'luck' and whether or not your success or lack of success depends on it working for you or against you, respectively.

The dots aren't hard to connect.

Not that it matters.


Have a great evening everyone.


Jonathan Willis said...

Hell, at that price they can have Cogliano too.

Scott Reynolds said...

I'm with Willis here. I'd be willing to give up a mountain to get that Toronto pick. I imagine that the Oilers would need to take Ryder back to make the transaction go. If Boston still wants more but don't want to take on long-term salary in the deal I'd have no problem going with Grebeshkov, Cogliano, and/or Brule.

misfit said...

I'm in. I just don't see any way Boston gives up that pick. That's not to say they couldn't get a 1st for Penner at the deadline, just not one that's all but guaranteed to be a top 5 pick.