Monday, 5 January 2009

Great Night For Hockey!

What a great night for hockey!

Threw on my Team Canada jersey and then, right after that game, threw on my Oilers Pouliot jersey.

Enjoyed watching the games, enjoyed a rye and coke and then a rye and ginger and, bye-the-bye, completed two long outstanding blog posts.

Even used the dvr to show my wife a few plays during the wjc game.

Great, great night for hockey.


A few thoughts for the record:

- If we are keeping Omark and Eberle I can't see where there is spot for Schremp (as there isn't really a space for him now);

- If Lowe and Snow are talking trade then who are they talking about (as the pieces we should be sending out are pieces Snow won't want);

- If Stortini and Strudwick continue to play this way then maybe we should extend Strudwick's contract (as I am coming around on Stortini);

- if Lowe wants to make an impact trade with anyone then he should be talking to a team that is desperate, like Pittsburgh (as I am a fan of Letang and Dupuis);

- if Lowe wants to make a trade then who is left for him to trade with (as Burke going to Toronto shuts that valve closed); and

- Oilers drafting has been real good for a long time now (just saying).


Great evening for hockey folks. I had one anyways.

Have a great evening everyone!

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