Friday, 19 June 2009


Daum as headcoach in Springfield = good.

$4 million for Roloson = bad.

Sedins for a Cap hit of $5.25/yr each = awesome. Do that deal in a heartbeat.

Mathesons' rumours on the deals for Heatley (starting with Gilbert and O'Sullivan) = could be very bad.

I remain... unimpressed with the Oilers team management. They still have time.



Have a great evening everyone.


speeds said...

It's early still YK. Let us at least enjoy hope Tambellini etc are the new DET.

We can worry about Roli signing for one year at 4.75 mil and Cogliano, Gilbert, Eberle and 10th overall for Heatley if/when they happen!

Although worrying does give me things to write about...

YKOil said...

hehe - no doubt.

More coming out recently (per the thread over at LT's).

I have more hope for Tambellini than I do for Lowe but the impression I am getting - that Katz is just as involved as EIG ever was - is that this team may have gone the route of the more things change...

I remain a fan. :-)

YKOil said...

To reiterate something I typed over at Hockey Symposium:

The Sedins at 10.5 Cap and J-Bo at 6.5 Cap make for 3 top players at 17.0

Thrown in Gilbert (4.0), Grebs (3.5), Horcoff (5.5) and Hemsky (4.1) makes for 7 players at $34.1 million a year.

Seems like a lot but remember - that is 2/3rds of your top-2 lines and 3/4trs of your top-2 defensive pairings.

With ALL 7 players being EV outscorers.

THAT is pretty f&*king cheap if you ask me. Just need goaltending.