Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not a Hockey Post

Had to be another out there somewhere.

Been following the NBA a little more lately. Fascinating league where BPA is a fantasy for all but the best GM's (Spurs). Now, and I say this honestly - NOT EVERY TEAM NEEDS A REBUILD - but boy oh boy do the Raptors ever need some help.

From Garbajosa's injury to the ill-fated trades for TJ Ford and O'Neal* the team is in dire shape and there is no way they are going to win with Bosh given that the Raps won't be a luxury tax team**.

Trade Bosh to one of Miami (Beasley) or Golden State (Randolph) and pick up some draft picks while you are at it. Get the 29th from LA (who are willing to sell) and trade down in this draft because no one will be worth it at the 9th spot (though I do like Holiday if there) and a decent - for this draft - guy will be available later.

Anyways - first day of two big draft days for me upcoming... sweet!


* which goes to show what star-shopping-because-stars-will-fix-everything can get you (Heatley)
** if the team was willing to pay significant luxury tax they could eventually build a contender around Bosh imo


Have a great evening everyone.

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