Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Sticking with Detroit in the final


Very impressed with the judge, guy worked the angles and found an intelligent way to split the difference; sorry Phoenix


I do not like the packages that are being pitched if the Oilers are to get Heatley. His Cap hit is too big to ignore and, more importantly, the only guy you are really bidding against is yourself and, possibly, LA. Also, Heatley has some ability to dictate so don't look for him to okay a trade that cripples the team he is heading to.

Penner is probably too toxic for Ottawa management to sell and Cogliano doesn't cover the salary spread. I have to admit - this is a hard trade to match because Edmonton doesn't have spare quality that Ottawa would want (i.e. no d-man past Gilbert and Grebs that could play a role in Ottawa).


The more I look at it the problem is Ottawa's dire need for a puck-moving/power-play d-man and Edmonton's inability to freely give one up. Even a mediocre one.

Visnovsky, Nilsson & a 2nd rounder works but now Edmonton needs a (GOOD) d-man. Gilbert, Cogliano and ? (Nilsson is my pick here as well) also works but now Edmonton has given too much up.

Look. Mr. Tambellini; go get yourself another d-man in trade and THEN look at getting Heatley. Otherwise, just say no.


Have a great evening everyone.

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