Thursday, 18 December 2008

Franchise 101 - Chapter Listing

This will serve as the prologue for my Franchise 101 series of posts. The series will, hopefully, serve as a template by which a casual fan can better determine the present and future state of the team they love.

This is all on a 'as-I-write-it' basis so don't go hoping I lay it all out for you in a timely manner; just check back from time to time and remain patient (I guess).

Also, it should be obvious that it isn't in a 'should-be-the-way-a-real-book-would-do-it' format. That would take a lot more work and, quite possibly, some talent. I do not claim to have the latter and given my posting history on this blog you should know better.

That said, here is what I have down so far:

Franchise 101

Ch. 1 - Markets

Ch. 2 - Owners

Ch. 3 - Money

Ch. 4 - Corporate Structure

Ch. 5 - Objectivity


Have a great evening everyone.

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