Saturday, 5 July 2008

A (Late) Introduction of Sorts

As some of you may know, even when I don't make a post for months I do still update this site. Typically this will come in the form of:

-- posts-still-in-production (drafts)
-- updates to an archive post
-- corrections (typically spelling) to older posts and
-- added links in the sidebars

The site is rarely, completely dead. Comatose perhaps, but rarely dead.

In such a way, over the last year, I added site links to
Copper & Blue, PunjabiOil, Coming Down The Pipe, Copper Blue Dreams, Oilers Nation, The Cult Of Hockey, Hockey, NHLSCAP and now, The Real Deal Hockey. There will be more I am sure.

I also added the archive sections to the blog.

The Quick Reference Archive links will take you to where I have posted information that I either:

a) access frequently or
b) got tired of looking up the hard way.

They are updated or added to as needed.

The Posting Archive links will take you to, what I call, 'portal' posts. A 'portal' post is where I stitch together (via link) a series of articles (posts) revolving around a single theme.

Of all the posts made on this site the one you may not want to miss is the one titled:

Edmonton Oilers HRDR v.2007

It is accessed through the Portal Archive. The full title would be:

Edmonton oilers: A Historical Review of Draft Results v.2007

Hence the 'HRDR' in the link. If you are attentive to quirks and vanities you will find that I tend to shorten listings/bullets to a single line. Looks messy otherwise (imo) and my writing style is sloppy enough as it is.

Also, you may note that I tag each article with a 'Have a great evening everyone'. First post I wrote was on the cusp of the evening hours and so, well, it stuck. Being a grumpy old white man I can only cross my arms in front of my chest, scowl, harrumf and say "Change is bad".

In case you are wondering: why now? Simple, it is so I can link to this post in the Posting Archive and maybe, by doing so, I can help new readers navigate the site. Finally, YKOil, is from Yellowknife Oilers fan.

I hope your visit here is enjoyable, and if fortune would have it, maybe even productive.

Thanks for dropping by.


Have a great evening everyone.


Jonathan Willis said...

Let me note that I actually check this site out quite often, although I'm also generally in agreement and don't often comment. Please keep it up ;)

OilersNation said...

We are also big fans, and thank you for your regular contributions to the magical pixie land that is the Oilogosphere.

W.Gretz VIII

MacS said...

Hey man, thanks for the add, still going through all your damn draft work. Nice job.

YKOil said...

Thanks for all the kind comments

appreciated :-)