Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sweet Read

Very, very nice post on Admiral Pellew and Matt Greene over at Copper and Blue. Dreadnaught Foster and Metternich make an appearance in the comments and overall it was a hella a fun read. If Fozzy Bear had shown up I would have had to shut down my computer and go have a shot of El Patron Anejo just to clear my head.

My thanks to all contributing writers.

As a quick aside, and so this post has some hockey content, I see the Kings as being one of the favored teams in both the Kovalchuk and the Tavares/Hedman sweepstakes.

That is all.

Now where is my tequila.


Have a great evening everyone.


Jonathan Willis said...

Thank you - anyone at all interested in the Royal Navy is a friend of mine ;)

Unknown said...

It IS, after all, the off-off-season, now...

I'm somewhat disappointed that you didn't mention Star Wars, too.

jdrevenge said...

I lived in YK for about a year and a half not too long ago and you guys sure love the Tequila. I arrived back in Alberta and havent been able to drink it since..... Do you know any of the guys down at Roy's?

YKOil said...

I know a few of the Roy's crowd. Good group of people and the family is gold.

I love Yellowknife :-)