Thursday, 5 November 2009

Swimming in Cash

You are a billionaire who has decided your team needs to be gutted and started from scratch.

So, from one billionaire to another...

Theodore and Nylander

While you may have to swallow Nylander's salary for this year and the next you do get out from under Khabibulin's next three. In the mean time Washington shores up their long-term goaltending and cuts cash outlay in prep for the Semin/Backstrom contracts.

What do you know - there ARE trade options for this team that might make some sense.

Just gotta be swimming in cash and be ready to dive. Wasn't that one of the perks that came with having a rich owner?

Oh right. I forgot. This is a real estate play. Sorry.

Maybe it'll come with a pool?


Have a great evening everyone.


Scott Reynolds said...

I think this is great as the start of a deal but I'd like to think that we'd be able to pull in something else of real value for providing Washington with the cap space.

YKOil said...

Most of Washington's roster is fairly well priced on its performance so I don't see them thinking we are doing them any great favors (remember - Khabi's contract STILL sucks).

Maybe a later round draft pick?

That said, if they are willing to trade Clark, and Katz was willing to pay him, THEN we are doing the Caps a big favor. One worth something meaningful anyways.

Scott Reynolds said...

I guess it's just galling to think the Oilers would be taking a bath to fix a decision they should have known was poor when they made it four months ago. Though, I suppose, they won't even be considering a deal like this because they don't think the decision was poor. Which is a shame.

YKOil said...

You are correct on both counts.

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Unknown said...

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