Monday, 4 February 2008

Horcoff As Gone As The Season

This season was a done deal from day one. When one looked at every bad move made (Souray, Penner) and looked at every move not made (signing Hejda, veterans to sub for Moreau, Pisani) the writing was carved into the wall.

This team was dead like dinner.

Throw in some highly questionable coaching decisions (Tarnstrom sits, Roloson plays) and even the silver lining that was GaronGagner (shoot-out!) doesn't shine so bright. The light at the end of the tunnel... well... all it lit was Brian Burke and the draft pick he was gifted.

Yet there was one who could not be dimmed. There was Horcoff.

Till now. Now he is gone for the season and all the joy has left with him.


Let me put this simply, we are screwed.

- BEFORE the injury I was ready to say that the Oilers should NOT gut the roster as there was nothing worth gutting the roster for.
- AFTER the injury I can only think that this team SHOULD gut the roster as that is the only way we will be able to make being piss poor this year worthwhile.

This team is so bad, with so little quality depth and so little high-end skill that having a good year next year will NOT get us into the play-offs nor will it make us any better. The rebuild has to be brutal and this time it has to benefit us and not the Anaheim Ducks.


I can't believe that our rebuild year will give the Ducks a farkin' SUPERSTAR while we are left marvelling at how defensively farkin' responsible Cogliano is (no offense to Cogliano intended).

Yeah. That's it Lowe. Blame the injuries. Your shiite is so shiny with fool's gold that no one in Oiltown will realize it was your incompetence that made this team so vulnerable in the first place and that only a fool gives up a prime rebuild year for a 2nd line LW.



Have a great evening everyone.

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Marchantfan said...

How on earth is Penner a bad deal? Because Burke gets a good draft pick? What if the Oilers made the playoffs and the Ducks didn't? Would it be a bad deal then?

Calling the Penner deal bad because of where the Oilers would have picked is both (pardon me) idiotic and revisionist. A draft pick is a draft pick. At the outset of the season, there's no telling where a team will end up. Penner for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is a terrific deal--it is just bad luck that the picks will end up being pretty good, maybe even lottery good.